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Happy Wednesday!! Already the middle of the week and half way through mid-terms. This outfit features one of my favorite summer dresses, the trapeze dress. The dress is so comfortable and easy to accessorize that it is a must have for the “laid-back days” closet. As you can tell so far, I love keeping my outfits simple. I think it all started when my favorite high school professor taught me to “KISS”: Keep It Simple Stupid and I just ran with it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE intricate details and getting all dressed up just as much as the other girl, but I do enjoy my laid-back days of just being a student. A simple base gives you room to play around with accessories. I added a scarf I found in the men’s section at Zara (I swear the men’s section sometimes has much better finds), silver “Jaguar” cuff by Honduran designer Monica Sevilla given to me by my mom, my leaf ring and white nails.

Have a great rest of the week! And remember that there is beauty in simplicity.

Photos by Emmanuel Felix Lespron 

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