Spotlight: Brazilian Brand- NV

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To start this post off with an “It’s been a while” would be an understatement, so let’s just skip past that. I’ve been dipping my toes back into my creativity pool and forgot how wonderful it felt to constantly be inspired by things around me. While working on some sketches, I decided to take my time to browse through a few Brazilian brands that I like and found myself completely in love with “NV”.

I love the designer, Nati Vozza; she has such a genuine quality to her (obviously it’s friendship that she doesn’t know she’s in hahaha, love her Instastories) But seriously, did the woman tap into my brain and make everything I would want to wear?! She nails simplicity, while maintaining the chic. Her collections are stylish and sexy all in one! With perfectly designed slits and transparencies, her pieces easily transition from day to night. Her brand, “NV” made me want to start things up again, talk about inspiration! Here are a few of my favorite pieces (photo links to product).

Saia Emiliana

Saia Tissi

Blazer Frida

Macacão Donatella

Stay tuned for more Brazilian Brand Spotlights.

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