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I sit in front of my closet staring at my clothes and not finding anything to wear. I notice two things: one, I keep wearing the same items over and over. And two, I no longer feel like me in a lot of what I own. For the first time, my yearly closet “edit” is a long-haul process. I’ve never had “serious work Kristin” (and now “mom Kristin”) in the mix and noticed that I need a closet designed to meet all of my “Kristin’s” needs. For me, this means having a closet in which all of the pieces work together to send a cohesive message across. In comes personal branding.

Personal branding: an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

It’s the image of you you want the world to see.

I decided to share the process with you guys, who knows, maybe someone else is feeling the same way. Let’s do this!

Steps to Develop your Personal Brand

Step 1.- Self Analysis

Most people start with a closet clean-out but I think it’s important to take a step back to analyze yourself before burning your closet.

Who am I & How do you want to be seen?
  • Who am I? State your values & beliefs, what makes you unique, words that you think describe you.
  • What do I want to portray? This is the blueprint of your personal brand. It’s the “who I am and who I want the world to see” part.
Wardrobe clean-up
  • How does the process of getting dressed make me feel? Happy, excited, stressed, uninspired, frumpy, unlike yourself, frustrated, etc.
  • Do I feel different when getting dressed on the weekends?

Go over these questions every time you get dressed, take note of your response and mood that day. It’s best to do this for a few days.

After analyzing yourself and your wardrobe, seperate your closet into KEEP, TOSS and MAYBE piles. Make sure you try everything on, including accessories. Toss anything that doesn’t fit you, suit you, has to be fixed, or that you haven’t worn in a while, toss it! Donate it, someone else will wear it.

My results:

I came to the conclusion that creatively lazy, and having a change of style. Most of the clothes in my wardrobe already fit my message, I just need to work on better combinations.

My current “casual weekend + formal weekday” style is draining me. I’ve let a formal work environment lead me to think that there’s no longer any room in my wardrobe for creativity. Getting dressed has become boring, which in turn makes me frustrated, which results in a bad mood day. I’ve always loved dressing up, it makes me feel good. The way we dress says a lot about us, it’s our visual business card. We should use it to our advantage.

What did you find out in your self analysis? Any doubts?

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